Shopify vs Woo commerce – Which one is better?

Sophie is one of the most known for Canadian E-commerce company. It is one of the massive company and without any problem, Shopify is easy to use and cover everything you need. According to the company they are in 175 counties who are using them as a business platform and with approximately 600,000 businesses with them. Shopify gross exceeded 42 billion in 2018 which is quite remarkable. Woo commerce was launched in 2011 but it became so popular because of its simplicity and its base products which are free, that’s why they have more than 39 million downloads. Right now Woo commerce has 22% of market share worldwide.

So what is the difference between both, and which one is better? Well, we will analysis this accordingly. First of all, Shopify has over 600,000 businesses overall while Woo-commerce themselves claims that they are most known e-commerce company in the world.  So, which one is better than other is hard and would be unfair as they both are well known and powerful companies in the world.

If you are looking for all in one package then Shopify is best because it is a complete package of your own online store, you can build and publish it and there are a countless cool feature that will help you run it. While Woo-commerce is best if you already own an online website it will help your WordPress to work with its Plugin which will turn your own website into your own business, means your own online store. But the main thing which you have to control in Woo-commerce is a technical aspect of your own store while in Shopify it provides you everything without any worry. People who are technically skilled are best for Woo-commerce and their businesses but if you are lacking technical skill then Shopify is best for you because it has everything ready and secured. In woo-commerce you have to manage everything like backups, updates, secure your website while in Shopify it is hosted platform so you don’t need to worry about all that.

Payment Structure is very vital here and they both have different methods. Shopify offers so many payment methods and it is very comfortable for customers, they are also offering their own Shopify payment which can be easily used by the customer while they also offer third party payment. It looks easy but there is a downside for this as Shopify charges 2% on every transaction on every single third party transaction now that is a major problem but you can reduce it from 2% to 0.5% if you buy 299 dollars per month package that is for Advance Shopify Plan while Woo commerce payment method is PayPal and Stripe. There is no fee charged from Woo-commerce as you are your own host and that is a major plus point for Woo-commerce customers.

Basically, it boils down to one thing, what you want and how much skilled are you that’s the only thing that you need if you are selecting between Shopify and Woo-commerce. Shopify is easier I would say as it is a hosted platform and covers everything for you but it charges transaction fees, while Woo-commerce is something on which you have to see everything and need skills to use Woo-commerce technically because you are your own host but there is no transaction fee and that is very critical thing but it depends on you what you want because both are used worldwide.

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